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Making Room at the Table for All Races

In humility, people created in the image of God take their seat at society’s table. In humility, those already seated make the necessary room. Sometimes, the humble have to change tables altogether, leaving behind those too proud to scooch over—that is, those who perpetuate the mistreatment of ethnic minorities via overt actions or silent indifference.

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Psalms for this Season: Journey

Psalm 23 Life is a journey of contrasts. It moves in and out of both sunlight and shadows. Yet, the LORD shepherds His people every step along the way. God walks with those who claim Him as their Divine shepherd. Eleven occurrences of a first person possessive pronoun...

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Psalms for this Season: Care

Psalm 65 Praise rightfully belongs to God because He alone is God. But, He is neither a secluded nor a calloused God. He is the One who hears our prayers. We praise Him for not only being God but for the way He chooses to be God. He willingly...

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