A quest to cultivate gospel clarity.

Cultivating gospel clarity requires far more than discovering the facts of the gospel.

It requires delving deeply into the effects of the gospel.

  • What differences in daily life does the gospel make?
  • What type of life does the gospel create?
  • What types of churches does a functional gospel produce?
  • How does the gospel affect our interaction with the world as it currently is while we anticipate the world that is to come?

Questions such as these are the concern of gospel clarity.

Consider this website your invitation to join me on the quest to cultivate gospel clarity. Like you, perhaps, I desire to be a gospel-centered disciple of Jesus Christ.

But, for the gospel to be central, it must be functional.
Together, let’s explore what that means.

“I must return to the gospel, which teaches me, not what I ought to do . . . but what Jesus Christ the Son of God has done for me: that He suffered and died to deliver me from sin and death. . . . The gospel is also the principal article of all Christian doctrine, wherein the knowledge of all godliness consists. Most necessary it is, therefore, that we should know this article well, teach it to others, and beat it into their heads continually.”

— Martin Luther

Andrew Arthur is the founding pastor of The Hallows Church located in the city of Seattle, Washington. Apart from Jesus, his wife Kim is the best part about him. Together, they have the privilege of raising three fun-loving kids: Delaney, Asher, and Adalyn.

In his preaching and teaching, Andrew values gospel clarity. He loves assisting others in not only knowing what the gospel is but in trusting how the gospel functions in the formation of their daily lives. To that end, he seeks to explore the bottomless depths of the gospel and to examine its comprehensive claims on the lives of those who follow Jesus.

Andrew earned a PhD and a Masters of Theology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Additionally, he earned a Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School.