For the gospel to be central, it must be functional.

When I Pray for My Kids

When I pray for my kids, I pray not only for God to save them from their sins, but for God to save them from my own. As their father, my influence carries more weight in their lives than anyone else’s—that is, perhaps, besides mom’s, of course. Nevertheless, as their father, how I interact with my kids will shape how they perceive and respond to the Fatherhood of God.

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A Brief Post on Charlottesville

A Christian’s response to the demonstrations in Charlottesville needs no nuance. So, I’ll be brief. As one who embraces the gospel of Jesus Christ and serves as a pastor of The Hallows Church, I believe that the demonstrations currently taking place in Charlottesville grieve God and arouse His righteous indignation.

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Three Reasons We Complain and Help to Avoid Doing So

Grumbling and complaining cast shade on the brightness of the gospel in our lives. Such an attitude discloses a lack of humility and trust in the sovereign grace and goodness of God. Moreover, grumbling and complaining hinder us from living into our identity as children of God and from executing effectively our ability to shine as lights in the world (Mt. 6:14-16; Jn.8:12).

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